How others experience participation in clinical trials


Every year, some 2000 people in the Netherlands participate in clinical trials with ICON. Watch the videos of participants and find out what they thought of their participation.

Testimonial of a participant

Every year, 2000 people participate with ICON in the Netherlands 

Foto van deelnemer Daniel in het onderzoekscentrum van ICON
I enjoyed participating. During the trial you have a lot of time for yourself and you get to know new people. It was a nice week and I earned a nice compensation.
Daniel Experienced participant

Why participate in a clinical trial?

Participating in a clinical trial is good for you and for someone else. You contribute to the development of new medicines, and thus to a better life for patients. You will receive a nice reward for helping.

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Henry particpated in clinical trials at ICON and tells about his experiences.

Henry tells about his experience

Testimonial of a participant

Foto van deelnemer Ilse
I wasn't sure what to expect, it was my first time participating. The staff were professional and friendly and everything was well organised. I've had a good time!
Ilse Experienced participant

During his studies in Groningen, Kirby earns some extra money by participating in clinical trials

Kirby talks about his participation


Contribute to the development of new medicines and thus to a better life for patients.

Do you want to participate in clinical trials at ICON just like Daniel, Henry, Ilse and Kirby and receive a nice compensation yourself?

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Without research no new medicines

New research would not be possible without participants like you. And that would mean there would be no new medicines for patients.