Where the trial takes place

At the research center

The trial always takes place at the ICON research center. The research center is specifically for clinical trials. It is set up for your stay and participation in the trial.

Time for yourself

When you participate in a clinical trial, you have to do something for the trial a few times a day, such as a test or health check. But you also have a lot of time to yourself! You'll find everything you need to fill your time at the research center. For example, there are computers, Playstations, TVs with Netflix, as well as a ping pong table, pool table and a dart board. And of course there is WiFi so you can bring your own laptop or tablet. Some participants do work or study. But of course you can also just relax for a few days.

Foto van een deelnemer in het onderzoekscentrum die aan het lezen is

Visits and excursions during longer trials

Sometimes a trial lasts longer than a week. In that case, you can ask to have a visitor during the day. You can also take part in workshops or other fun activities that we organize, such as bowling, a tour or attending a sports match.

Eating and drinking

During your stay for the trial, we provide you with food and drinks. We serve meals and snacks at set times. You cannot have any other food and drinks in addition to this. You also cannot bring food or drinks to the research center. Certain ingredients can influence the trial. That is why we want to make sure that you don't ingest those ingredients during the trial.

In some trials, you can decide how much you eat, but in other trials we ask you to eat a specific amount (at some meals). Snacks are also mandatory in this situation.

During the telephone call after your registration, you will find out if there are specific details about food and drinks for the trial you registered for. This information is also provided in the information and consent form.

Foto van deelnemers op het balkon van het onderzoekscentrum met een glas drinken

What can't I eat or drink?

During the trial, you cannot have alcohol, coffee, tea, cola, chocolate and strong herbs. You can drink decaffeinated coffee and theine-free tea. There are some more restrictions on food and drinks for some trials. We always make sure that those products are not available during your stay at the research center.

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Without research no new medicines

New research would not be possible without participants like you. And that would mean there would be no new medicines for patients.