What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a study of new or improved medications. Before a medication is marketed, it is researched extensively. That is what we do at ICON.

The route from laboratory to pharmacy

This is how new medications are researched

When a new medicine is developed, the developer first researches it extensively in a lab. A trial involving people only follows if the results of that research are good and the substance appears to be safe for humans. This is done in different phases.

It takes many years before a new drug may be dispensed. In the Netherlands, ICON primarily conducts Phase 1 trials. Sometimes we also conduct Phase 2 trials. 

Research into existing medications

ICON also studies existing medications. For example, we study new forms of administration or combinations. We also study medicines that have already been approved and are available in other countries but that require extra research before they can be provided in the Netherlands or Europe as well.

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Without research no new medicines

New research would not be possible without participants like you. And that would mean there would be no new medicines for patients.

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