Why are clinical trials important?

From acetaminophen to prescribed medicines: everyone takes medication sometimes. A great deal of research is needed for the development of new or better medicines. As a participant in a clinical trial, you help develop new or better medicines.

No new medicines without clinical research

Before a medication is marketed, it is researched extensively. That takes many years. Without clinical research there will be no new or better medicines. 

Those new or better medicines are crucial to all of us, but even more so to patients who rely on medicines. You might need medicines in the future yourself. 

No clinical research without participants

The availability of drugs cannot be taken for granted. They are the outcome of a huge amount of clinical research. That is what we do at ICON. We specialize in clinical trials. But we can't do it without you as a participant. 

Reasons to participate
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2,000 participants per year

Every year, some 2000 people in the Netherlands participate in clinical trials with ICON. As a participant, you make a very important contribution to the development of medicines and thus to a better life for patients. You will receive a nice reward for your participation.

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Without research no new medicines

New research would not be possible without participants like you. And that would mean there would be no new medicines for patients.

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